Invention and Innovation Awards 2015

Honouring scientists and researchers for excellence in research and development and recognises creative innovations and ideas.

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Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards 2015

Honouring designers for excellence in industrial design as we recognise the correlation between technology and design aesthetics are key elements in completing and commercializing a new product.

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Asian Youth Innovation Awards and Expo 2015

Honours young inventors and innovators, nutures and promotes youth innovations. The perfect platform to encourage youth to excel in science and technology, creating the next generation of creative minds necessary for nation building.

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Leap to Commercialization 2015

Facilitating commercialization for products which are ready for market, helping to bridge public and private sectors with manufacturers, distributors and business investors.

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Innovative Technologies in Building Our Nation’s Economy

Since its inception in 2001, the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) has evolved to be the leading international invention and innovation expo in the region. It is an annual event with more than 500 exhibits of platform inventions and innovations to a targeted audience of trade visitors. MTE 2015 will be the 13th edition. Invention & Innovation Awards 2015 and the Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards 2015 (mIDEAS) will be held in conjunction with the event. Both awards which recognize excellence in innovative technologies are organized by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS). In addition to the existing Invention & Innovation Awards 2015 and mIDEAS 2015; we are organising the second year of new award as well as a new show which are to be held concurrently with MTE 2015. The new additions are:

  • Asian Youth Innovation Awards
  • Leap to Commercialization

The education of young innovators and inventors is part of the nations drive in creating highly skilled talents for the future, which is what MTE is about. It is the platform and gateway for inventors, innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs to show case their findings. The aim here is to introduce these new innovations to targeted trade visitors and market.

Exhibit ● Promote ● Connect @ MTE 2015

The Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

great-hallMalaysia Technology Expo 2015 is held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) which is situated in the center of Kuala Lumpur and provides fast and easy access to and from the KTM Railway Station, KLIA Airport, major financial and business institutions and entertainment centres. It proudly boasts a spacious multi-purpose facility, state of the art audiovisual technology and exceptional food & service.

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New Award and A New Show


Asian Youth Innovation Awards 2015
The creation of ‘Asian Youth Innovation Awards’ is to foster, nurture and encourage the youths in the field of innovative technology. MTE 2015 lends the youths a platform to exhibit and share their work with the public; allowing them first-hand experience of participating in the ‘real world’ so to speak. Asian Youth Innovation Awards 2015 is open to public and private secondary/high school students including polytechnics and colleges.

Leap to Commercialization 2015
An exciting addition or rather a new show running concurrently with MTE 2015 is ‘Leap to Commercialization’ aimed for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small to medium enterprises to introduce new products to the market.


The Organisers and Supporting Organisations