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Since its inception in 2001, the Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) has evolved to be the definitive international invention and innovation expo in the region. The annual event displays more than 500 exhibits of platform inventions and innovations to a targeted audience of trade visitors, connecting inventors and innovations to investors, manufacturers and distributors to aid commercialization.

As we inch closer towards 2020, Malaysia will need to aggressively move towards high technology and knowledge based industries if it is to remain competitive in the global marketplace and achieve its goal of becoming a developed, high-income nation. Once again, MTE promises to be an invaluable catalyst for innovation and technological advancement, providing inventors, innovators and technopreneurs an excellent platform to establish their identity and promote their innovative ideas within the science and technology industry of Malaysia, Asia and beyond.

MTE 2016 will, once again, bring recognition to the best inventions, designs and innovations of the region at the Invention & Innovation Awards 2016 and the Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards 2016 (mIDEAS) to be held in conjunction with the event. Both of these awards, which recognize excellence in innovative technologies and design, are organized and endorsed by the Malaysian Association of Research Scientists (MARS). Co-located with MTE for the first time, Business Innovations 2016 will be a unique trade event bringing together the ideas, people, processes and technology that enable forward-thinking businesses to become more innovative in today’s marketplace.

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The Venue: Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur

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Malaysia Technology Expo 2016 is held at the Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) which is situated in the center of Kuala Lumpur and provides fast and easy access to and from the KTM Railway Station, KLIA Airport, major financial and business institutions and entertainment centres. It proudly boasts a spacious multi-purpose facility, state of the art audiovisual technology and exceptional food & service.

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Through its highly anticipated award programmes and shows, MTE 2016 provides a platform for innovators, scientists and entrepreneurs to introduce their ideas to the world.

Invention & Innovation Awards 2016
Long renowned as one of the most prominent invention awards in the region, the Invention & Innovation Awards returns, attracting participants from Asia and beyond. In 2015, the high profile awards attracted 278 entries, and awarded 56 Gold, 77 Silver, 107 Bronze medals, and 17 Special Awards and 7 Foreign Awards. This year the awards continues to be a platform for innovators to showcase cradle or near-term projects to the public and a targeted audience of potential investors.

Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards 2016
The Malaysia International Design Expo & Awards (mIDEAS) was created to recognize design excellence and honour the designers, because the correlations between technology and design aesthetics are key elements in completing a new product. Running concurrently with MTE 2016, mIDEAS will once again be a prestigious showcase of the best industrial designs from local, regional and international participants

The Asian Youth Innovation Awards 2016
The Asian Youth Innovation Awards was created in 2014 to foster, nurture and encourage the participation of youths in science, technology and innovation. Now in its 3rd year, the awards provides a platform for youths to exhibit and share their work with the public, providing them with crucial first-hand experience of participating in the “real world” in order to build up their confidence and presentation skills. Asian Youth Innovation Awards 2016 is open to public and private secondary/high school students including polytechnics and colleges.

Leap to Commercialization 2016
“Leap to Commercialization” is a special section aimed at helping start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small-to-medium enterprises introduce their ideas and products to the market. The exposure derived from this show allows these companies to find suitable investors and partners who can translate their new ideas and inventions into reality.
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