The Exhibition

The 16th Malaysia Technology Expo 2017 will be a definitive showcase of the latest R&D and technologies, creating exposure and market opportunities for the latest technology based products, designs, solutions and services. This magnificent exhibition features the latest inventions and innovations by universities, research institutions, individual inventors and corporate sectors from Asia, Europe, and many other regions of the world. It is a perfect meeting point for business and research organizations to exhibit their newest inventions and compete with their competitors in the technology based industries.

Reasons to Exhibit at MTE 2017

  • 10,000 trade visitors expected at the event.
  • One of the most recognized international invention fairs in the region.
  • Opportunities to generate business/sales leads and awareness for your innovations, products and designs.
  • Gain prominence and international exposure through online and print promotional tools.
  • Connect with potential investors looking for research collaborations or new products and designs.
  • For academia researchers, you will gain insights into what the market needs and use the lessons learned for your future projects.
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