Why is it so important to be recognised?

Recognition is important in innovation and invention to propel ideas from its infancy to mature stage, ready for commercialisation and global implementation. The international recognition gives it the boost it needs to find its footing in today’s fast-growing world.

Winners from MTE continue along a path of success after clinching a prestigious title at MTE, paving the way to more opportunities to compete at overseas competitions including the International Invention Fair of the Middle East (Kuwait), International Exhibition of Inventions, New Techniques and Products (Geneva), and Seoul International Invention Fair (Korea) and more award shows worldwide.

In empowering the next generation, MTE has also introduced the Asian Youth Innovation Awards & Expo to elevate the youths of today. This platform has proven to be effective for the younger inventors and budding entrepreneurs to show off their skills and talents to the world while gaining an experience of a lifetime in the process.

2019 saw the introduction of the Public Service Innovation Awards, recognising the innovations that have been designed, developed or implemented within the public service and provide a platform to share and showcase innovative approaches and solutions across the public sectors; encouraging others to adopt innovations in public administrations in Malaysia.