Honoring Innovators and Leaders of Change in a Pandemic Crisis

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has posed great challenges to the worldwide economy and people’s daily lives and will have far-reaching consequences beyond the spread of the disease. COVID-19 has unwittingly driven the innovation engine forward in every layer and pocket of society. As history has proven, crisis is also a strong driver of creativity and innovation. One can already observe abundant creativity and innovation emerging at the national, institutional, organizational, and individual levels globally.

MTE 2020 Special Edition – COVID-19 International Innovation Awards is created to acknowledge and celebrate all innovations in response to COVID-19. We believe that innovations – existing and new – across various categories can be instrumental in the response and recovery efforts globally. Together we are stronger.

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Submission Deadline Extended!

10 October 2020

Online Evaluations

11 October – 01 November 2020

Announcement of results

02 November 2020

Recognition and Global Outreach for your COVID-19 innovations and ideas


The MTE 2020 Special Edition International Innovation Awards is open to any Institutions of Higher Learning, Research Institutions, universities, Polytechnics, Colleges, Healthcare Providers, Organisations, Leaders and Individuals who have innovations, ideas or implemented creative ways to minimize the impact on public health,livelihoods, and limit disruptions to economies, supply chains and way of lives.

  • Innovations or ideas that are ready to deploy or adapted for COVID-19 responses, and/or inspired new and much-needed solutions.
  • Organisations or Individuals, who have found creative ways of supporting communities in unprecedented times
  • Innovative Business Ideas in reshaping Business Models or Workforce Support




Healthcare worker protection equipment, healthcare worker training program, sterilization technique, air quality control operations, and water, sanitation, and hygiene systems.



Medical equipment, emergency treatment system, healthcare technology and training program, nutrition, therapeutics and repurpose drugs


Rapid testing and detection device/system.


One-way (e.g. public health officials to individuals), two-way (e.g. between health workers) or collaborative/public communication (e.g. public web portal with COVID-19 services and supplies) systems.

Humanitarian Support

Innovations that support critical delivery of water, food, healthcare, hygiene management, and other supplies as well as financial support.

Transport & Logistics

Transportation systems and facilities for supply chains or individuals.


Information systems that provide healthcare, safety, environment, governmental instructions, and others.


Education structure, system, and operation.

Economy & Employment Support

Job creation and training systems, employment management and enabling technologies.

Vulnerable Group & Community Support

Modes of protection of marginalized/vulnerable individuals at greater risks to COVID-19.

Government & Policy Support

Policies or guidelines for public well-being and safety.

Building & Construction

Isolation innovations for COVID-19 inflicted individuals, including air, water, and sewage control.

Health & Fitness

Program, guidelines, and activities for maintenance of health and fitness.

Materials & Packaging

New molecules which confer anti-viral property; new systems with innovative protective features.

Media & Entertainment

Program and activities for public awareness, public education, and preservation of public mental and emotion stability.

Non-Profit & Social Enterprise

Program and activities for homeless animals, elderly and children, foreigners

Business Models, Marketing & Branding

Program and activities to introduce business sustainability, creative business venture and new business strategies

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