Airborne virus killer and air filter for healthy living

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The unit is designed to fit on a commonly available household table fan with two functions; to kill viruses by ultraviolet germicidal irradiation using ultraviolet C ray, and to filter indoor air using a common car cabin air filter. It was designed and fabricated using aluminum sheet metal material for the lightweight purpose and several fixtures to attach two ultraviolet lamps and an air filter. The ultraviolet rays type C is the only type of ultraviolet ray known to carry high energy to kill most viruses and bacteria. Coupled with the air filter, the unit was designed to kill airborne viruses and filter indoor air at the same time. Particularly in the event of a pandemic, viruses infection through the air is hoped to be prevented by the application of this unit indoor.

Created by: Dr. Mohd Ridha bin Muhamad, Suhaib Shah, Muhammad Haziq Aiman Mohd Hazbauni, Adzim bin Abdul, Aina binti Shaza, Saki Iwadate, Atsushi Sato, Yuuri Abe, Farah Idayu Ruslan,  Dr. Yong Adilah Shamsul Harumain, Professor Dr. Kei Horio, Professor Dr. Kazutaka Yokota,  Mohd Fadzil Jamaludin, Associate Professor Dr. Farazila Yusof, Associate Professor Ir. Dr. Bushroa binti Abdul Razak