Autonomous Ground Vehicle (AGV) Disinfectant System Using UVC Light Exposure

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In this pandemic era, where the impact of the virus affected worldwide, it is important that any approach possible is take to reduce the risk of infection. In this project, the AGV performing disinfectant on the targeted areas that are highly risky such as public places, by exposing the area with ultraviolet(UV) light. UV light has been proven efficient against viruses’ molecules DNA. Using far-ultraviolet(UV) light ranges from 245nm to 265nm, most of the viruses harmful to human can be killed. UV light will induce thymine component in the viruses’ DNA and cause the DNA sequence to damage. Damaged DNA sequence will disrupt its ability to regenerate and spread. From the previous observation on Coronavirus such as SARS and MERS had shown that the virus lost its ability of infection when exposed to the UV. The AGV with UVC, navigates itself to the targeted area via autonomous system to sweep systematically and scans the area with UV light. The AGV will be equipped with camera and sonar sensors to perform path planning and obstacle avoidance in confine space. It is suitable to be used by the commercial industry such as shopping malls and also in healthcare sector such as hospitals.

Created by: Ir. Muhammad Farris Bin Khyasudeen, Prof. Ir. Dr. Norlida Buniyamin, Muhamad Hazwan Bin Abdul Halim, A’zraa Afhzan Ab Rahim, Muhamad Syafiq Rosman, Dr. Muhammad Faisal Bin Khyasudeen, Dr. Saaidal Razalli Azzuhri