Bespoke Music and Narration for Mental Health and Wellness

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Bespoke Music and Narration (BMN) Digital Tool is a research-driven product created in response to increasing mental health issues caused by the virulent Covid-19 pandemic. It systematically applies the principles and processes of muscle relaxation whereby targeted muscle-groups are cultivated to progressively relax. It is especially created for healthcare workers and disadvantaged communities whose mental health and wellbeing have been compromised. Premised on User-Centred Design the tool’s novelty, applicability, status and potential are summarised as follows (i) Clear instructions scripted in the English Language and in Bahasa Malaysia, widening accessibility and cultural inclusivity (ii) Original music crafted with innovative pulse-based narration of instructions to cultivate deep relaxation and mental wellbeing (iii) On-demand, person-centred, user-friendly, non-invasive, open-access therapeutic tool that empowers users in practising mindfulness and relaxation during Covid-19 times (iv) Received international recognition through conference presentations, publications, community engagement and is copyrighted © Bespoke Music & Narration, Ross & Amir, UK © CS No 284729109 All rights reserved and a component of the Bespoke Music and Narration Soundbank Collection, Centre for Intercultural Musicology at Churchill College, University of Cambridge ( (v) Prototype of the BMN tool is ready to be used and accessible in MP3, MP4 and web-based formats.

Innovators name: Associate Professor Dr Valerie Ross, Dr Muhammad ‘Abid Amir