Biometric Recognition and Thermal Camera Scanner

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A biometric recognition system integrated with thermal image scanner is designed to increase the efficiency of existing biometric tracing systems and body temperature monitoring. Since contact sensors are no more practical to reduce disease transmission during COVID-19 pandemic, contactless biometric such as face recognition has become a popular alternative for various purposes like room access and contact tracing. The system consists of a portable module (webcam, thermal camera, distance sensor) connected to a PC using USB cable. All these components are low cost and easily replaced for maintenance purposes. The system can capture multiple users in a single image within 0.5-meter distance in less than 1 second including when wearing a facial mask. The system is better than existing products in capturing images by not requiring users to adjust their face in front of the camera. Instead, an IR distance sensor will trace any moving object coming and trigger the webcam and thermal camera to take pictures. Unlimited number of users can be stored by the system. The system is also able to record all activities (person access to the system) using a log file which can be used for further applications such as attendance, contact tracing etc.

Created by: Prof Madya Dr Muhammad Imran Ahmad, Prof Madya Dr Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi, Prof Ir Dr Abu Hassan Abdullah, Dr Mohd Nazrin Md Isa, Dr Said Amirul Anwar, Raja Abdullah Raja Ahmad, Mohd Zaizu Ilyas, Dr Naimah Ibrahim