Carbon Footprint Calculator for Malaysian Green Highway Index

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Referring to the Construction Industry Transformation Program (CITP) and Sustainable Development Goals initiatives, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with the collaboration of Lembaga Lebuhraya Malaysia has produced a Carbon Calculator of Malaysia Green highway tools which helps to quantify and assessing the carbon emission that emitted during the whole life cycle of construction. Hence, the purpose of this invention is providing the framework that facilitate carbon emission assessment besides identifying the performance based on construction emission production. Additionally, few highways were been selected to assess the Carbon Footprint Assessment based on its life cycle. Later from the generated amount produce, a baseline study was proposed to LLM in setting up target for carbon emission reduction in the upcoming years. Carbon Footprint assessment will provide an outlook on the trends of the GHGs emissions that can be utilized to come out with a better strategy to manage each activity for Malaysian Highway GHGs emissions. This carbon reporting, is reported as first initiatives indicates in Asean region with the sharing knowledge especially in reducing energy and resource consumption for highway

Created by: Prof. Ir. Dr. Rosli Bin Mohamad Zin, Dr. Eeydzah Binti Aminudin, Prof. Dr. Muhd Zaimi Bin Abd Majid,  Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Rosli Bin Hainin, Prof. Dr. Zainura Binti Zainon Noor, Prof Madya. Dr. Rozana Binti Zakaria, Monh Neardey, Che Muhammad Fatihi Hafifi Bin Che Wahid, Christine Nerisha Anak Stephen Liat, Fatimah Zahra Binti Zakaria, En. Azman Bin Mohd Jais,  Dr. Nadzrol Fadzilah Ahmad, Dr. Rohaya Abdullah, Puan. Suhayya Rofik, Muhammad Hafizzudin Bin Mohamad Nizar