Cloud-Native Data Exchange Platform Utilising Network Apis with COVID-19 Datasets

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Data Exchange Platform is built on TM R&D’s Open Innovation Platform (OIP), Malaysia’s 1st Open Software Development Platform and one-stop centre for managing data and full cloud-native platform. With little or no programming background and just a few clicks of a mouse, the platform empowers individuals to simply upload data files in various formats, such as static csv, real-time IoT data and also MySQL database. It then converts those files into APIs and publishes them in the data store. Anyone can then use the data to perform further analysis and derive useful insights. The platform enables more advanced users to fine tune the data APIs by setting different access permission levels, throttling limits, sandboxing capabilities and detailed analytics of data usage. This one-stop data exchange centre allows industries to better understand consumer behavioral changes and movement patterns as well as impact on businesses. This way, governments and economists can view the impact on certain sectors that may not have been obvious in the original planning. Data on changes in purchasing habits or whether collectively are people spending more or less on food against beauty products, impact on travelling patterns, transportation, movement of people and many more can be made accessible.

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Yeoh Chun Yeow, Dr. Anuar Bin Musa, Shariq Haseeb, Muhammad Sazali Bin Hisham, Ghugan A/L Sivaperumal, Deenesshnath A/L Uthaman, Abdullah Bin Man, Shahrizan Hayazi Bin Minai, Siti Salwa Binti Said