COV_CTX: Lung CT-Scans and X-RAYS Artificial Intelligence Enabled Analyzer for Covid-19 Cases

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COV_CTX system using Deep Learning to analyze x-rays and ct-scan chest images of symptomatic patients without the need of human-assistance. The image analysis accuracy rate of COV_CTX is at 97%. Furthermore, the system comes with additional features to be a holistic solution for addressing the Covid19 challenges. Specifically, ensuring suspected Covid19 patients to adhere to home quarantine and also remotely monitoring their health condition are among the challenges faced by health authorities. This is an important issue in controlling the spread of the virus within the community. COV_CTX system is thus developed as web-based and Android mobile application to deliver its key diagnostic function as well as the additional features to assist health authorities in monitoring the whereabouts of the patients, remote monitoring of their condition via self assessment features, remote consultation, etc. The COV_CTX for doctors application delivers the diagnostic functions as well as patients management functions such as treatment recommendations, etc. The COV_CTX for patients application delivers the telehealth and quarantine adherence monitoring functions. These user based interfaces ensure COV_CTX ability to be the holistic COVID19 solution.

Created by: Dr. Nor Azlina Ab Aziz,  Dr Nor Hidayati Abdul Aziz, AP. Dr. Kamarulzaman Ab. Aziz, Mr. Md Armanur Rahman, Mr. Chy Mohammed Tawsif Khan, Ms. Sharifah Noor Masidayu Binti Sayed Ismail, Ts. Ms. Siti Zainab Ibrahim, Dr. Md Jakir Hossen, Ms. Syabeela Syahali, Ms. Nor Hidayah Mohamad, Ms. Muharniza Azinita Musa