COVID-19 Tracker: The Mobile Application Tracking System For COVID-19 High-risk Individuals Integrated Extensive Data Collection

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The inefficiency of current data collecting system for the red zone and the returnees’ status are the main cause of the stated concerns. On that account, the main purpose this apps is to built an integrated application in collecting the data for those who are at higher risk of being infected with COVID-19 and track the movement and whereabouts of COVID-19 high-risk individual. The produced application will be beneficial to avoid the virus from spred. Only by rapid identification and tracking movement of these high-risk individuals whenever they are in public areas will allow the curbing of the spread of this deadly virus, Covid-19, in Malaysia.

Created by: Wan Izhan Nawawi bin Wan Ismail,  Mohammad Hafiz bin Ismail, Tajul Rosli bin Razak, Siti Sarina binti Sulaiman,  Ali H. Jawad, Nadiah Sabihah binti Md Natar