Decontaminated Equipment Cooling Container (DECO)

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Hospitals have problems decontaminating their electronic machines such as Ultrasonic Imaging devices without exposing them to overheating or short circuit. Current methods of decontaminations involves using liquid based disinfectants. Spraying such liquids into the electronic machines might cause damage to them or surrounding. Such electronic devices require air circulation from the environment to cool it, which could introduce contaminants into the device, which can subsequently cross contaminate another environment. Multiple solutions such as using hydrogen peroxide, Ozone have been suggested, but are very dangerous to humans. Heating the device in an autoclave is not practical as it will surely damage the device. Electromagnetic spectrum, such as Gamma rays will damage the device as they are not x ray hardened designs. While more control is yielded from UV C it is still hazardous to humans, as it can cause eye damage and skin damage despite line-of-sight effectiveness. Enclosing the device completely will instead cause an overheating issue. We propose a container which allows for air flow but at the same time isolating the device from the environment. We do this by employing an enclosure with air filters which are able to catch the droplet which the virus and bacteria travel upon.

Created by: Ir. Dr. Leong Yeng Weng, Ts. Dr. Hassan Bin Mohamed,  Dr. Chandran Nadarajan (Medical)