Delivering bronchodilator medications right into patients’ lungs effectively, cheaply and safely with AIRDROX Spacer and Facemask

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The standard way to deliver medications into the lungs is by nebulization. However, nebulization potentially “aerolizes” pathogens in the patient’s lungs out and across into the open air and putting everyone nearby at higher risk of cross infection. This risk had long been known but neglected as our alternative – MDI with spacer and facemask, is not good enough. Good spacers are effective, but too expensive, and the cheap spacers are not entirely safe. However, we can no longer neglect the risk now with COVID-19. We must avoid nebulization. We need better spacers. We researched on available plastics and rubber material in the market. We want a safe plastic, with antistatic layer and able for autoclave for mutiple-use. We include all these features in our all new Airdrox Spacer and Facemask. By addition of antistatic material to the medical grade polyproplylene plastics, we can safely recommend autoclavation hence allowing multi-patients usage and the only spacer to be compatible with anaesthetic facemasks, making it easier to use. We believe the UW Healthcare Airdrox Spacer and Facemask can avoid cross infection while treating airway diseases effectively.

Created by: Dr Ang Choon Seong, Jason Ng Chin Aik