Design and development of Low cost Unidirectional Emergency Use Ventilator

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Existing open-Source emergency use ventilator (EUV) system usually works in motor bi-direction operation for inspiration and expiration mode. This produces undue stress and heat on mechanical components and associated motor driver circuitry over long period of continuous usage. Our EUV we will attempt to develop uni-directional motor operation with cam and cranking mechanism to increase the reliability of EUV system. Emergency Use Ventilator (EUV) prototype system design and development will not only give understanding of ventilator underlying working principles but will also provide opportunity to the team members to develop skills and expertise in production of indigenous conventional ventilator in future.

Created by: Dr. Marayati Bte. Marsadek, Farrukh Nagi, Dr. Nur Azzammudin Bin Rahmat, Ms. Biruntha Mooruthi