Developing and Designing M-Health Mobile Apps for Malaysian Health Record

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Mobile Health Application (M-Health App) was a new technology about patients’ electronic health records (EHR) by using a smartphone to record and save keep all the health information. The lifestyle of humans and the world nowadays was different because of the improvement of technology. The purpose of this product invention is to examine the convenience of using an m-health mobile application to doing registration in a public health clinic in Malaysia or how the patients using other features that are provided in the My M-Health mobile app. This project also is to know about how an m-Health mobile application can increase team efficiency and productivity in the public health clinic and improve the health status of the citizen in Malaysia. The study results of this My M-Health mobile app are functionality, usefulness, and usability is received agree from all respondents and experts. Based on this project, My M-Health mobile app can give valuable information to patients and staff of public health clinic Malaysia.

Created by: Tengku Kastriafuddin Shah bin Tengku Yaakob, Goh Li Xia, Ameer Fuhaili bin Mohamad Hashim