e-Modul Celik Kraf (e-MCK)

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e-Modul Celik Kraf (e-MCK) is a set of innovative kit aimed to improve the skill of making dough crafts. This kit consists of new instructional ideas and informative QR-Codes. e-MCK is designed to cater to the demand of teaching and learning through online when our country, Malaysia, unexpectedly went under a lockdown because of Covid 19 pandemic. In order to assist the learning process of students, especially the special needs students, e-MCK provided new innovative ideas for them to explore and make effective and creative crafts. This is in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in which prompt action is needed. During the Covid 19 pandemic, e-MCK was designed and implemented at the Artability Workshop through the Youtube platform. This workshop received positive responses, and high number of viewings. The unique ideas suggested in the user-friendly e-MCK innovation kit are simple and easy to understand. Additionally the suggested ingredients to make the dough are easily available. This module can be used by all levels of society. It contributed many activities for the community who stayed home during the Movement Control Order (MCO). Adjusting to the new norms, e-MCK was optimally utilized in the teaching and learning process.

Created by: Zaharah Mohamad, Lye Guet Poh, Dr. Hairul Faiezi Lokman, Dr. Azizah Suleiman, Nor Azizah Atan, Azlina Abdul Rani

Contact: zaharah@ipgkik.edu.my