Electronic Investigation Paper (e-IP)

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Introduction e-IP (electronic investigation paper) is a system that is developed internally by the collaboration of Legal Department and ICT Unit, of Ampang Jaya Municipal Council (MPAJ). One of the main functions of Legal Department is to peruse investigation papers (IPs) prepared by various departments of MPAJ and subsequently initiating prosecution action in court. e-IP is a system designed holistically for managing of IPs via online from the early stage of perusing and analysing the IPs, to the stage of getting consent for prosecution by the Public Prosecutor’s (PP) office, until the final stage of registering the cases to the court. • After the implementation of e-IP due to pandemic Covid-19 1. Various relevant departments would be preparing the IP’s via online and all documents pertaining the investigation would be downloaded into the system. 2. Upon completion, the IP’s would be sent to Legal Department via the system for further action. 3. The Legal Department would send the IP’s via the system to the office of Public Prosecutor for consent of prosecution and to court obtaining submission date.

Created by: Johari Bin Atli, Siti Sarah Bt Mohd Yahya, Rashidi Bin Abd Rahim, Erniey Bt Jasut, Emiley Bt Adlan, Muhamad Faizal Bin Muhamad Zainul, Muhd Afiq Bin Jali, Muhammad Zainuddin Bin Mashuri, Asdayanti Bt Abdullah, Suzzana Bt Mohammed

Contact:  sitisarah@mpaj.gov.my