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EzyFin4u – a one stop e-platform designed to help SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) to meet their business finance objectives during covid-19 pandemic. The platform is loaded with information and tools that could help SMEs to assess their financial health and sustainability to maneuver the challenging market environment. EzyFin4u is designed in parallel with Industry 4.0, where the analysis of large data is becoming part and parcel of daily activities. We provide extensive financial and regulatory information that helps firms search and locate specific information within a large pool of documentation for their companies. We are made up of a team of highly qualified and professional business growth experts who are passionate about helping firms with sound and efficient financial and regulatory advice. Our experts have worked with secretarial firms to make the preparation of regulatory documentation easier and more effective.

Created by:  Dr. Hjh Memiyanty binti Hj Abdul Rahim, Pn. Norraidah binti Abu Hasan, Pn. Saidah Hamizah binti Ahmad, En. Megat Ismail bin Megat Nasir

Contact: memiyanty@uitm.edu.my