Fastest to Complete Interim Treatment Centre

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MAEPS is one of the Malaysia’s largest pillarless exhibition hall that would be the first of such conversion of public facilities in a makeshift hospital for COVID-19. This is part of MAEPS’ effort to support government’s aim of providing the necessary facilities by optimizing the existing infrastructure. Fortunately, with a combination of Hall A (10,000 square meters) & Hall C (4,000 square meters) enough to accommodate a total of 600 beds as required. A total of 150 people has been involved in this project to rapidly transform the halls into a temporary hospital within 4 days of duration. It consists of people from different areas such suppliers, contractors, cleaners, security and other parties from the related field. Twelve (12) agencies from government and private sectors have been given a mandate by the government to assist materializing this initiative

Created by: Zaidi Shahrim, Norafizah Abd Rahman