Hand-Held Medical Diagnostic Device for COVID-19 Detection

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Now, the world is demanding a vaccine to deal with this new virus ‘Covid-19’ and required a rapid diagnostic kit to detect it. Due to these reasons, we proposed “Hand-Held Medical Diagnostic Device for Covid-19 Detection” for rapid detection and screening with a high number of samples. Unlike the existing testing protocol, the proposed device validates and tests the real clinical samples at higher sensitivity and accuracy with lower sample volume (2-5 microliters). The detection principle is based on RNA probe-target complementation of real viral sequence, by which the result can be revealed within 90 minutes including the sample preparation. The overall system comprises three components, namely sensor platform, hand-held electronic reader and mobile applications. Hand-held electronic reader is ultra-sensitive, selective and rapid to detect the electrical signal generated by the biosensor that converts the biological reaction into an electrical signal and can make early Covid-19 detection. As a step in preparing the biosensor, silanization with (3-Aminopropyl) Triethoxysilane (APTES), immobilization of Probe RNA target were used. Then, the biosensor was hybridized to perform selectivity measurement using complementary and non-complementary.

Created by: Prof. Ts. Dr. Uda Hasim, Muhammad Nur Afnan, Muhammad Nur Aiman, Dr. Nor Azizah Parmin

Contact: nurafnan92@yahoo.com