Hello Microbes: COVID-19 vs Soap Kit

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Hello Microbes: COVID-19 vs Soap Kit is a teaching tool for children that consist of a model, application and activity booklet. The model was created using 3D printing technology that consist of Corona Virus model that comes with lights and sound and also soap with its molecule that has interactive features. To further highlight scientific knowledge on the mechanism on how soap molecule cause Corona Virus cells to be eliminated, an application was developed for users to view the 3D animation of augmented reality. To complete this kit, an activity booklet was prepared with design and features that will attract children’s attention and interest that consist of information on the model, COVID-19 infographic, some highlights on Hello Microbes Program as well as various activities for children to benefit from.

Created by: Dr Hamidah Binti Idris, Dr Laili Farhana Binti Md Ibharim, Noraida Binti Othman, Dr Muhammad Fadhil Wong Bin Abdullah,  Dr Mohd Nor Syahrir Bin Abdullah, Zuhaili Fikri Bin Nordin, Ahmad Mubarak Bin Salleh, Mohd Shazrizal Shahmy Bin Mohd Shafiee, Nazihan Binti Nazali, Muhammad Syafiq Bin Muhamad Norhisham,  Muhamad Suhairi Bin Mohd Ariffin, Hemanathan a/l Gandappan, Rossuhajah Binti Sulaiman, Ng Bay Yee, Mohd Solihin Bin Zahari, Chm. Ts. Dr. Abdul Hafidz bin Yusoff, Selvaraj a/l Selvam

Contact: hamidah.idris@fsmt.upsi.edu.my