Integrating Cloud-based Attendance Checker for Online Final Exam during COVID-19

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Being honest and holding the value of integrity are fundamental in academic as well as in life even in pandemic situations. For that reason, we have developed a prototype of an online academic integrity pledge for students to submit for each their final examination session. While the lecturer is doing with the best effort to assure the integrity of the final examination during COVID-19 pandemic, they also can check in real time the status of student attendance for the final examination through an online dashboard. Students need to fill the form by attaching the photo of their student ID card and initial signature as an indicator that they are aware about the necessity to be honest in their final examination. This real time checker mechanism is also accessible to the faculty management team and academic advisor of the student to monitor the status of individual student and course attendance performance of the final examination. Perhaps this mechanism of internalizing the integrity values in students could be more effective since there is no one who can monitor how students are taking an online final examination remotely during a pandemic situation.

Created by: Ts. Aziman bin Abdullah, Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Adzhar Kamaludin, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rohani Abu Bakar