Learning Bytes Access Dashboard: Infrastructure Analytics for Learning Accessibility Management

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Covid-19 has posed extraordinary challenges to academic institution that forces a sudden paradigm shifts, from fully face-to-face learning to fully online distance learning (ODL). The shift has left many students vulnerable to emotional desperation in terms of Internet connectivity (accessibility) and subscription (monetary). The top management of Universiti Teknologi MARA that responsible for well-being of more than 150,000 students across the country, has a huge mandate to ensure that no student will be left unchartered regardless of their location and economic status. Thus, there is an urgency for the top management to have a bird’s view of students’ demographic patterns in order to enforce any rules and procedures depending on ongoing pandemic situation. Learning Bytes Access Dashboard is an executive dashboard that makes use of in-house human capital, leverages existing databases and significantly improves the use of university software subscription. Therefore, the dashboard is produced internally at such a decreased cost to the university. It is able to show accurate network locators that indicate the internet accessibility of students based on their dispersed residence in Malaysia. Thus, the university management can make immediate decisions by prompting guided queries to extract specific insights for the smooth teaching and learning purposes.

Created by: Prof. Ts. Dr. Haryani Haron, Dr. Azlan Ismail, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yusof Darus, Muhammad Azizi Mohd Ariffin, Dr. Sharifah Aliman, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nasiroh Omar, Dr. Sofianita Mutalib, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norjansalika Janom, Prof. Ts. Dr. Haji Mohamad Kamal Haji Harun

Contact: harya265@uitm.edu.my