Long-Range Body Temperature Detector

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In the COVID19 era, social distancing and body temperature checks at all premises are compulsory and have become part of the new norm. The typical body temperature gauges that are available in market are those of the close-range type. It turns contradicts the requirement of to social distancing between checker and user. On the other hand, long-range body temperature detector is highly expensive. This invention introduces an affordable long-range body temperature detector in order to comply with the new norm of lifestyle. It provides a better alternative to the available close-range detection commercial products. This product is able to detect body temperature up to six meters away. With this product, social distancing rules can be adhered to.

Created by: Dr Marni Azira Markom, Ts Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan, Prof Dr Abdul Hamid Adom

Contact: marni@unimap.edu.my