Metered-Dose Inhaler (MDI) Disposable Spacer (Aerocup)

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COVID-19 has been announced as a world pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO). Patients who are diagnosed with positive COVID-19 are reported to have a respiratory problem. Normally, an inhaler with a drug will be given to the patient as a palliative treatment for the early stage of outbreaks. However, this technique causing less percentage of the drug will be given to the lung due to direct flow toward the throat. Thus, a disposable inhaler spacer is introduced to overcome this problem. Recently, the high demand for the disposable spacers in the hospital causing a shortage of supply in Malaysia. This study aims to evaluate the optimum drug delivery through the several geometry of the spacer to the lung. The percentages of drug delivery will be calculated based on the flow characteristic via statistical analysis. This new device has perform better than other spacer devices at the low flow rates thought achievable by COVID-19 patients. The project suggests that this disposable inhaler spacer may have a place in the single-use emergency setting as well as optimum drug delivery to the lung.

Created by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Norzelawati Asmuin, Muhammad Faqhrurrazi Abd Rahman, Dr Mohd Nor Juwaidi Nazar Nazari, Dr. Ishkrizat Taib, Mr. Azizan Ismail, Ts. Dr. Reazul Haq, Ir Dr. Saliza Azlina, Riyadhthusollehan Kkairulfuaad, Mohamad Saddam Kamarudin, Nur Amani Hanis Roseman, Nur Farahalya Razhali, Muhamad Razizy Fauzi,  Muhammad Hajaratul Aswad Mohammad, Asma Husna Taib@ Abd Latif, Nur Syakirah Rabiha Rosman