Mobile Biohazard Disinfect Bin with PV-Charging Station in Response to COVID-19

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A mobile biohazard disinfects bin with a PV-charging station is mainly designed to reduce the infection to the waste-collector from infectious waste. At present, there is no guideline to dispose of used face masks. Thus, this project could provide a proper bin to discard this waste and lower the infection risk to the waste-collector. This project can be installed almost everywhere especially at open are such as a shopping mall, universities, parking lot, park, or mosque. The advantage of this project is using solar-powered is known as clean, renewable energy, and can reduce the carbon footprint. It provides enough energy to the overall system including UV-C light and sensors mechanism at a minimal cost. This system can be installed in any type of trash bin with the least modification.

Created by: Dr. Noor Intan Shafinas Binti Muhammad, Ts. Dr. Amir Bin Abdul Razak, Mohd Shamsul Azmi Bin Samsudin, Ts. Joharizal Bin Johari, Ts. Wan Hassan Bin Wan Hamat, Ts. Dr. Mohd Azmir Bin Arifin