New Generation of Antimicrobial, Eco-Friendly, Multifunctional Composite Materials

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The concept refers to the new antimicrobial and biodegradable composite material consisting of: poly (lactide) – PLA nonwoven fabrics produced by melt-blown process, alginic acid sodium salt and copper(II)/zinc(II) chloride hybrids. The most important features of the new composite material are: -biodegradable eco-friendly composite, consist of >98% natural ingredients, what is very important during intensive use of protective equipment – face masks; – antimicrobial properties against broad spectrum of microorganisms (bacteria, fungi, viruses); – non-toxic material; – low costs and waste-free production; – all required materials are commercially available and relatively cheap; – improvement of technical parameters in comparison with raw PLA nonwovens, including tensile strength and barrier properties against UV radiation; – easy to implement on an industrial scale. The newly developed composite materials can be used in biomedical areas for the prevention of bacterial and viral infections, including COVID – 19 as a filtering layer in face masks. Currently, during the pandemic such composites can also be applied as microbiostatic materials in broad spectrum of industrial areas (e.g air filtration, packaging, interior furnishings, automotive).

Created by:
PhD Marcin Kudzin, Prof. Maciej Bogun, PhD Anetta Walawska, Zdzisława Mrozinska, Andrzej Majchrzak, Joanna Olczyk