Non-human Contact Practicum Integrated Management System (PIMS)

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The outbreak of COVID-19 has halted some of the operations that involve human interactions and processes. When outbreak evolved, the manual placement processes for practicum involve human contact such as mail delivery, meeting with the stakeholders, counter services, administration tasks became unsustainable. PIMS is a web-based system, designed to assist the management of UPSI in managing Practicum related activities that include Teaching Practice, Industrial Training, Internship Counseling, and Supervision Fieldwork. The issue of meeting students’ placement requirement, overdue processing time, excessive operating cost for placement are among the problems faced by the management team. Thus, this new platform offers an efficient system based on secured data collections using PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, CSS, and HTML as the programming tools. This system employs the Evolutionary Prototyping Methodology that involves five steps; in engaging user feedback namely a) Develop b) Built Prototype c) Use Prototype. d) System adequate e) System deliver. It will help the management to interact with school management/ industries and education state department during the COVID-19 pandemic due to non-human contact operating systems. The integration of these approaches in a web-based will improve the efficiency of management in handling the practicum placement.

Created by: Dr. ashardi bin abas, Prof Madya. Dr. Nurul ‘Ain binti Mohd Daud, Ms. Ruqayyah binti Syaiduddin, Ms. Nur Athirah binti Radzi