Novel Foldable Intubation Hood

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The novel foldable intubation hood consists of hollow aluminum (Al) profile as a frame and LDPE plastic as a cover. All the hollow aluminum profiles will be connected to the ABS rivet mechanism equipped with a lock mechanism and connectors to make it foldable. The cover is attached to the frame using silicone adhesives. It is a foldable way hood to cover the entire body of the patient from the head to the chest part, as well as for compact storage and easy to carry. This product is reusable and can be simply cleaned by inserting it into a UV box for cleaning purposes for a few minutes. The uniqueness of this invention is 100% foldable, easy to carry, and stored, it avoids the droplet spillage from the patient during treatment, less muscle fatigue to the medical staff upon giving treatment, and a sustainable cleaning method using a UV box that comes with the intubation hood set.

Created by: Dr. Zunaida Zakaria, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hakimah Osman, Ts. Erdy Sulino Mohd Muslim Tan