Phycotiser, Natural Hand sanitiser uniquely made in Sabah

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COVID-19 is currently sweeping the globe with increasing mortality rates and in its wake, what is most evident is the worldwide shortfall in supply of prevention agents, hand sanitizers and face masks. Therefore, the demand for hand sanitizers have gone off the roof. Alcohol-based sanitizers are said to be the most effective for killing of COVID-19, however several fatality cases arise due to incorrect usage. Besides, the increasing of methanol-based sanitizers globally is also a recent trend. These cases are strong evidence that support the need to formulate alcohol-free sanitizers as a substitute. In this regard, the development of alcohol-free sanitizers from natural products, is the path chosen for this study. Three notable ethnomedical plants used by indigenous ethnic groups in East Malaysia as a prescription for antiviral agents, are selected for this venture and named as Phycotiser. Our target market is indeed the whole population globally as the pandemic did not give an exception to anyone. However, we are targeting particularly people who are having respiratory problems, skin sensitive and halal purposes. Moreover, significant adoption of hand sanitizer in the hospitality industry and those who reside in our target market groups will stoke growth opportunities of Phycotiser.

Created by:  Dr. Lem Fui Fui, Ms. Chee Fong Tyng, Mrs. Chin Su Na, Dr. Yew Chee Wei,  Mr. Lin Kai Min, Mr. Dexter Lee Jiunn Herng, Ms. Elisa Chong Li San, Dr. Valerie Toh Wen Ting, Ms. Teong Win Zee, Dr. Lim Ming Yao