Physical modelling as tool used for mass Blood Cockle (Anadara granosa) induce spawning in Lekir Bay, Perak, Malaysia

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Coastal oceanographic studies were conducted in Lekir Bay (LB), Perak and found several key elements associated with physical modelling for Blood Cockle (Anadara granosa) induce spawning i.e., Suggested Induce Spawning Ground (SISG), Suggested Induce Spawning Season (SISS) and Suggested Spatfall Areas (SSFA). The models were tested by sprawling approximately 10,000kg of adult cockle at SISG prior to SISS on 16th October 2018. The project was aim to observed and evaluate the real SF occurrences thru the above models. The results suggested that SF were observed on 26th Dec 2018 – 30th March 2019, 3rd – 30th Jun 2019 and 4th Nov 2019 – 30th Sept 2020 (and it continuous till 30th Sept 2020). All these SF events were predicted using the above model. The landings and values for the first and third seasons are 209.8 MT (RM2.2 Million) and 464.3 MT (RM8.06 Million) respectively. While the spat landing for Jan – Aug 2020 were estimated around 706.9 MT (RM7.25 Million). The project was achieved its objective and produced a mass SF in terms of volume and value. Thus, the use of the above physical modelling for cockle induce spawning was observed.

Created by: Dr. Hadzley Harith, Dr. Zainoddin Bin Jamari, Muhammad Farouk Bin Harman