POLIMAS Intelligent Face Recognition with Temperature Monitoring System

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Face recognition system is widely used to recognize people based on their faces. Recently, the interest in human visual system on face recognition is increasing due to global Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, the purpose of this project is recognizing human face with temperature detection for attending meeting at POLIMAS. This system using IoT technology running on raspberry pi and applying python software. IR sensor is used to measure human temperature. It will automatically detect a face and display temperature reading when person want to enter the meeting room. System is capable to record the presence user by recognizing person with displaying ID and temperature on screen. Warning message will be displayed if temperature detection exceeds maximum limit and that person will not be allowed to enter a meeting room. All the data will be captured by a system and can be accessed anytime. The captured data include the name of meeting, user’s name, user’s ID number, time, date and the user’s temperature. This system function can be standalone or controlled by another machine through wireless connection. Based on testing result, the accuracy of the system achievable up to 95% with maximum distance between system and human face is 1 meter.

Created by: Dr Nui A/P Din Keraf, Nurolhuda Binti Mohd Noor, Ts Virakwan A/P Hai Kelian, Hafifah Binti Darus, Ap Ts Dr Phaklen Eh Kan, Ir Zahari Bin Awang Ahmad

Contact: nuidinkeraf@gmail.com