Portable Isolation Stretcher

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Stretchers have been manually operated by a team consisting of two paramedics. Stretchers are operated to: lower or raise the cot surface to facilitate a patient transfer, transport, or relocation; push or pull the stretcher while transporting a patient from the scene to the rear of the ambulance or from the ambulance into a hospital; and, to load and unload the stretcher into and out of the rear of the ambulance This project is Portable Isolation Stretcher (PIS). PIS is designed to help doctors and nurses to handle and cure COVID 19 patients. PIS can be used as a stretcher to ambulance, field, and hospitals. PIS also can be used as a temporary bed for urgent treatment. PIS can transport patient efficiently in small space, lift, and route. PIS also can transport the patient to move on the step. It is easy to clean. Its main purpose is to isolate patient especially to prevent COVID 19 spreading the virus. Our PIS is battery operated and environmentally friendly. Can be operated manually or automatically or by tricycle motor. Green Environment technology. Can be adjusted for use in small lift. Step climbing. Lightweight.

Created by: Razali Bin Abidin, Mohamad Tarmizi bin Ahmad, Hafizi bin Nordin, Brig. Gen. Prof. Ir. Dr. Norazman Bin Mohamad Nor (RTD), Muhammad Faris bin Mohd Idris, Mohd Norhafizi bin Noordin, Wan Mohd Hanif bin Wan Ya’acob, Muhammad Amir Afendi bin Razali, Mohamad Asmidzam bin Ahamat, Prof. Madya Dr. Mohd Fahmi bin Lukman, Lt. Kol. Prof. Dr. Victor Feizal b Knight Victor Ernest@Abd Shatar(B)

Contact: razaliabidin@upnm.edu.my