Profiling Protective Equipment (PPE) Design Template for Universal Reproduction

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Our product evolve through proper procedural sewing workflow as Standard Operating Procedure, as well as the attributes in new design tools and technology is by far needed to be developed, put to test and be proposed as COVID19 design template profile for universal PPE reproduction in which more tailor’s friendly. Our procedural workflow design in producing Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) are exclusively aligned to mass, rapid, and economic production which potentially to cater during pandemic outbreak. Prior to the product innovated contributions four (4) sections will be looking into: CONTRIBUTION 1: THE RESEARCH AREA OF BEING INVOLVED The whole process involved the engagement of many parties especially front-liners for new emerging area of studies where designers can reciprocate. CONTRIBUTION 2: ADVOCATING THE EMERGING PRODUCT ISSUES WITHIN DESIGN CONTEXT Another platform for designing products specifically within the context of clinical use. CONTRIBUTION 3: ADVOCATING THE EMERGING PRODUCT ISSUES WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF STANDARD PROCEDURAL WORKFLOW A discussion within the context of the outlining process and workflow for time and material waste efficiency and management. CONTRIBUTION 4: EXTENDING A UNIQUE APPROACH MODEL An academic approach of discoveries of art and design disciplines that to be discuss within the context of another paradigm.

Created by: Dr. Rose Dahlina Binti Rusli, Dr. Verly Veto Vermol,  Khairulazlan Bin Abdul Karim, Anas Bin Musavir, Hasma Bt Ahmad, Dr Asliza Bt Aris, Dr Rohana Bt Zur, Muhamad Zahrin Haris Mazelan, Muhamad Ariff Habit