S.COV.D : COVID-19 Smart Biosensors and IOT Detection System

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S.Cov.D : Covid-19 Smart Biosensors and IoT Detection System is a framework of an Internet of Things (IoT) based mobile biosensor for an intelligent COVID-19 screening and monitoring of COVID-19 that provide a fast response time, minimum physical contact and cost-efficient. The system consists of 3 parts, (i) a portable biosensors device, (ii) IoT sensors, and (iii) web-based and Android applications. The swab samples of blood or mucus from screened person will be collected and drop-casted on the electrode surface that connected with our established smart sensors. At the same time, the wireless IoT sensors will attach to the body of the patient to measure body temperature, oxygen level and captures image of tongue features’ screened person. All data from these measuring devices are collected and sent via the Wifi gateway to a cloud in real time. In addition, medical practitioner can use the web and android applications to remotely track, monitor, and analyse patient’s data. The application will display the probability of Covid-19 result either it is positive or negative. With this invention of S.Cov.D, rapid and mass screening of COVID-19 infection could be used in hospitals, train stations, laboratories and airports for early detection and treatment.

Created by:
Prof. Madya Mohd Hazali Mohamed Halip, Dr. Syarifah Bahiyah Rahayu binti Syed Mansoor, Dr. Nur Diyana binti Kamarudin, Afiqah binti Mohammad Azahari, Dr. Arniyati binti Ahmad, Dr. Siti Noormiza Makhtar, Dr. Jahwarhar Izuan Abdul Rashid, Dr. Nur Aisyah Abdul Fataf, Mohamad Khairul Akmal Kamaruzaman, Muhammad Basri Roslan

Contact: hazali@upnm.edu.my