Semi- Online Secure exam management & Invigilation System

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Covid19 is here to stay, typical methods of exams held in a hall has very quickly become obsolete as institutions have migrated to the cloud or online exams. Nevertheless, the reinforced and collective experience of educationist in conducting exams should not be discarded so quickly. It is also imperative that the institutions recognize the last- mile problems of internet quality and connectivity of all students and educators are a problem in Malaysia and the world around or risk of widening the inequality gap between the have and have nots. Exams are meant to gauge the knowledge of the student and also reward one for their achievements providing means to social mobility . Premature transition to online exams has created a perfect opportunity for cheating. Educators are trying various means to avoid cheating among learners but to no avail as the current methods of implementation are rewarding those who have the means and no ethics. We have created a solution which recreates the exam hall virtually in every student’s home which have limited or fast internet, giving each student equal advantage despite their internet connection speed and quality.

Created by: Ir. Dr. Leong Yeng Weng, Dr. Chau Chien Fat, Ts. Prof. Dr. Salman Yussof