Silent Pattern Garment (SPG)

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The ready-made pattern known as Silent Pattern Garment (SPG) helps users from wasting more pattern-making papers to cater to each design requested by customers. With Silent Pattern Garment, not only it is economical as the price point is affordable, it also caters to a number of different patterns, making it an innovative multipurpose tool that is definitely needed in the fashion industry. In addition, tailors can save more time too as they do not have to spend more of their precious time drafting and creating patterns for the purpose of making one clothing item. On top of that, this brilliant invention is also waterproof, durable, and lightweight. This user-friendly product is definitely one that is worth a try and should not be missed! Try now and live the life-changing experience.

Created by: Norasliza binti Abu Bakar, Mohd Soffian bin Abdul Samat, Muhammad Asyraf Abdul Ghani