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The new technology of smart textile, Phase Change Materials (PCM) can achieve the thermal properties with good efficiency, the PCM can help the pilgrims and Umrah performers that the wearer can feel warm in the cold environment also can feel cool in the warm climates when the weather changed. The PCM materials are placed inside microcapsules which can be incorporated into the spinning polymer of manufactured fibers as viscose that integrated into the surface of the cloth, these wax capsules absorb heat when the body temperature increases as a result of exertion or an increase in the surrounding environment temperature, so the energy storage excess and turning the wax into a liquid state, but when the temperature drops, these waxy capsules release latent heat and the wax turns solid. When wearing smart textiles (treated with PCM capsules) in a warm environment, it absorbs heat energy and changes from a solid case to liquid case results in a temporary cooling effect in the layers of apparel. Also, wearing the smart textiles in cool environments, the PCM capsules change their state to the solid state again, generating heat energy and warm feeling.

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Prof. Dr. Najia Alzanbagi, Mr. Hamad M. Alzanbagi