Smart Mask Detection System during Covid-19

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One of the most factors to stop the spreading of COVID-19 is by wearing a mask everywhere. The governments open the MCO, but with certain rules. However, the public not follow these rules if there is no monitoring system to control them. These days the number of new cases is increasing as shown in the charts. This system is a web-based IoT cloud-based system integrated with machine learning algorithms to detect wearing the mask in the public area.

Created by: Assoc. Prof. Ts Dr. AbdulRrahman Ahmed Alsewari, Dr. Waheb AbdulJabar, Naif Ahmed Basalib, Abdulaziz Ahmed Saleh Baqaleb, Mumin Lawad Mohamed Elhassan, Dr. Suryanti Awang, Dr. Waheb Abduljabar, Dr. Taha Hussein, Dr. Alfahim Mubarak, Dr. Azlee Zabidi, Dr. Mohammed Fakhreldin, Dr. Mousa Mohammad Khubrani, Prof. Dr. Khalid Aloufi