SODV: Social Distancing Violation System

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SODV is the Social Distancing Violation System developed as a safer control and automatic continuous social distance monitoring system. It is invented to ensure proper social distancing to prevent the spreading of Covid-19 viruses. The objective of the system is to detect people, compute distances between the people and alert the authorities of any social distance violation. It converts input video into a sequence of images, detects the persons and computes the distances between each person. The system will show an alert if two persons are closed to each other indicating violation of distances. The system was tested on several datasets and showed an efficiency of detecting persons and the presence of social distance violations. This invention will help authorities and society to maintain the awareness of Covid-19 and stop the spread of the virus.

Created by: Ts. Dr. Lucyantie Mazalan, Ts. Dr. Norliza Mohamad Zaini, CEng, Afiq Harith Ahamad