STARCH-ETHANOL: A Great Way to Produce Ethanol from Tapioca for Hand Sanitizer Production

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The innovative configuration of batch distillation process in producing ethanol for hand sanitizer has break up the barrier on the possibility of synthesizing hand sanitizer at home particularly when the ethanol demand soaring high on the onset of covid-19 pandemic. Such state of art DIY concept of creation offers inexpensive and simple solutions making use of renewable and sustainable resources that are abundantly available as viable starting materials whilst adhering the current food security policy that limits the utilization of sugar in making ethanol. There is a huge potential for of the product commercialization by tailoring it as modular installations, making it more attractive to the novice working on homemade ethanol production.

Created by: Associate Professor Dr Mohd Irfan Hatim Mohamed Dzahir, Associate Professor Ir Dr Umi Fazara Md Ali, Lee Yan Hung, Chen Chan Lian