TANYA.AI: Malay Language Chatbot for COVID-19 Pandemic Control in Malaysia

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During the pandemic of COVID-19 in Malaysia, fake news and false information caused infodemic confusion. Until now, police and MCMC have investigated 268 individuals who were caught disseminating fake news and false information. In order to stop these infodemic, Malaysia government has created Facebook pages and Telegram Announcement channels for Ministry of Health (MoH) Crisis Preparedness and Response Center (CPRC) and the National Security Council. These platforms ease the public access to official updates. However, the public will only be able to read the announcement due to no immediacy between public and authorities. This motivates us to introduce a chatbot that allow public to interact with bots (i.e post questions and receive prompt feedback), and to prevent the spread of fake news and false information about COVID-19 and MCO. Tanya.AI is the first artificial intelligence (AI) using Malay language and powered by machine learning. Tanya means asking questions in Malay, and AI is referring to the system is AI-engineered. Tanya.AI independently recognizes Malay language patterns and adapts by learning from previous computations to produce reliable, repeatable decisions and results. In terms of availability, Tanya.AI can be used anywhere, anytime with different platform. Tanya.AI provides familiar interface with seamless system integration

Created by:
Dr. Syarifah Bahiyah Rahayu, Miss Afiqah M. Azahari, Dr. Nur Diyana Kamarudin, Dr. Siti Noormiza Makhtar, Dr. Nur Aisyah Abdul Fataf, Associate Professor Mohd Hazali Mohamed Halip, Associate Professor Mohd Hazali Mohamed Halip, Miss Sharifah Saadiah, Mr. Mohd Sharil Salleh

Contact: ayuniakmal@upnm.edu.my