Touch-Less Key Control Panel for Elevator

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The innovation introduces a touchless key control panel for elevators. It is easy to install without needing to remove the original control panel. It is developed using motion sensors and able to navigate through the required building level number in elevator control panel touchless. The invention consists of electronic and electrical components and the circuit is programmed using Arduino microcontroller. The servo motors attached are used to increase or decrease the floor levels. The sensors and circuit boards used in this invention is microcontroller- powered and is suitable for single phase electrical system (240V). The invention is easy to construct and having less maintenance. Using such touchless device may prevent public from get infected due to contaminated surfaces, and people with COVID19 disease to contaminate public facility surface.

Created by: TS. Erdy Sulino Bin Mohd Muslim Tan, TS. Erdy Sulino Bin Mohd Muslim Tan, TS. Dr. Allan Melvin Andrew, Mr. Aniq Amsyar Bin Abdullah, Mr. Muhammad Aiman Hakim Bin Muhammad Izham, Mr. Muhammad Amir Ridhuan Bin Mohd Nizam, Mr. Hoo Weng Lok