UiTM eClock System

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eClock is used to document the attendance of UiTMCPP’s staff who work from home during the MCO period, which also includes the record of clocking in and out and the staff’s location. Apart from being a new norm to support the work from home initiative, eClock is a better option for hygiene purposes as the usage of thumbprint is forbidden to avoid the infection of Covid-19. eClock is a web-based system with a mobile responsive feature accessible via android and IOS mobile phones. It has the ability to detect the users’ coordinate location automatically and integrated with Google Maps. This system does not require complicated configurations nor additional accessories. It is also economical as it was developed by in-house experts, and the usage is widespread to the whole UiTM system.

Created by: Nor Husaina Md Hussain, Nur Diyanah Da Halib, Norhasniza Binti Sabarudin, Associate Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Hisbany Mohd Hashim, Associate Prof. Ts. Dr. Mohd Hisbany Mohd Hashim,  Isma Noornisa Ismail,  Muhamad Syabani Bin Hassan

Contact:  husaina@uitm.edu.my