UPNM 3-Ways COVID-19 Sampling Module

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The COVID-19 sampling module is designed for oral and nasal swabbing tests. It has 3 checking outlets that can be used to separate various types of people, according to gender, age categories and handicaps. The module is fabricated using light weight steel frame and acrylic walls. It has 3 sampling stations for oral and nasal swabbing tests, an all-around acrylic wall for 360 degrees field of view, an extraction fan to provide a negative vacuum, LED lighting and fitted with heavy duty wheels to enhance mobility. The module is also fitted with a 0.3-micron Bosch Cabin Air Filter with ISO Standard 29463-3: 2011, capable of effectively filtering 99.97% micro-organism. To provide better comfort a portable air conditioning system can also be added whenever required. The 3 ways sampling module can be deployed in covered buildings and publics places such as parking areas, bus stations, airports etc. The 3 ways sampling module is also suitable for concentrated areas, such as Covid-19 quarantine centres, Lock-down areas, illegal immigrant detention centres and prison. The module can be deployed independently as a single unit or few modules can be collocated in a modular format to form a bigger covid-19 sampling station.

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Khairul Hasni Bin Kamarudin, Zulkiffli Bin Abd. Kadir, Mohd Rosdzimin Bin Abdul Rahman, Bahaman Bin Haron, Junaidi Bin Asiran

Contact: khairul.hasni@upnm.edu.my