UTeM COVID-19 Screening Booth

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Two variation of COVID-19 screening booths are designed and fabricated. One with negative pressure and another with positive pressure. Negative pressure booth is using ventilator to suck air from the booth into soap bath disinfection chamber to inactivate and destroy virus and microorganism. The patient is placed inside the booth while the doctor is standing outside the booth while taking swab samples. Positive pressure booth consists of ULPA filter and air ventilator pumping in air from the surrounding into the booth and due to high pressure in the booth therefore the air is flowing out from the booth to the surrounding, reduce the chance of virus or microbe to infect the doctor. Both of the booth have their advantages and disadvantages. The negative booth is suitable for high risk case of air borne contamination, while positive pressure booth is for droplet based contamination like patients with Covid-19 infection.

Created by: Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Kok Swee Leong, Prof. Dr. Zahriladha bin Zakaria, Dr. Cheng See Yuan, Kent Tan, Dr. Valynne Ng, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Herman bin Jamaluddin         

Contact: sweeleong@utem.edu.my