UTeM Face Shield for Our Heroes

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This new invention is about redesign and enhancement of Face Shield (FS) for Malaysian frontliners and community use in combating COVID-19. This uniqueness of the FS has met health requirements by the Ministry of Health personnel. This FS was manufactured using 30% of any thermoplastics recycled materials with less waste produced during production (mass production). This social project (CSR) was supported directly by companies such as PETRONAS, HONDA, FETTA AUTO INDUSTRIES, and STMicroelectronics through University-Industry Collaboration Initiative. FS produced has been successfully distributed nationwide and also NGO in Japan with production capacity up to 100,000 pieces within 3 months. Among targeted distribution are schools, hotels, hospitals, factories, colleges and NGO related to healthcare services. Positive feedback were gathered from users with regards to design, confortability, agility, functionability and durability which is beyond expectation.

Created by: Profesor Madya Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohd Yuhazri Bin Yaakob, Ts. Dr. Kamarul Bin Amir Mohamed, Ts. Muhammed Noor Bin Hashim, Profesor Madya Ts. Dr. Umar Al-Amani Bin Azlan, Ts. Dr. Norfariza Binti Ab Wahab, Ts. Mohd Razali Bin Md Yunos, Ts. Mohd Idain Fahmy Bin Rosley, Tc. Basri Bin Bidin, Tc. Mohd Azimin Bin Ibrahim, Profesor Madya Dr Muhammad Herman Bin Jamaluddin, Profesor Dr Zahriladha Bin Zakaria, Profesor Madya Ts. Dr. Effendi Bin Mohamad, Tc Zulkifli Bin Jantan, Ts Muhammad Syafik Bin Jumali, Ts Zolkarnain Bin Marjom

Contact: yuhazri@utem.edu.my