Versatilizing Sustainable Eco-Green Products for Industrial Survival During COVID-19 Pandemic

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The innovation of the JMG-technology is developed in order to enhance the processing feasibility of high-grade-high-profit PCC production. In enlarging the PCC yield, the calcium-rich ionic solution has been used as a main source for PCC formation. The utilization of Ca-rich ionic solution as a precursor proposes that any grade of lime (calcium based mineral and waste) can be used as a raw material in producing high-grade PC. Via this feasible technology, high-grade PCC can be efficiently produced within a short processing time. In addition to the processing feasibility of producing high-grade PCC from medium-to-low grade lime, this innovation can also offer a production of various functional morphologies of PCC i.e. rhombohedral, scalenohedral, spherical/ hollow and perforated structures. The ability of developing various morphologies offers promisingly profitable benefits where the versatile PCC can be applied to fulfill wide-range of market needs including papermaking, paint, adhesive/ sealant, polymer, body care and pharmaceutical industries. Economically, the feasible JMG-technology may support the industries to efficiently increase their production rate and highly marketable products thus ensuring their survivability in industry during this crisis and beyond.

Created by: Dr. Rohaya Othman, Dr. Emee Marina Salleh, Siti Noorzidah Mohd Sabri, Zawawi Mahim