Web Based GIS For Outbreak Surveillance and Mitigation of Contagion

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Crisis management during an outbreak such as COVID 19 posed extraordinary logistical challenges to all first responders. During the current outbreak, there are hundreds of response efforts going on simultaneously in many affected locations. A myriad of new tools and algorithms have been developed to help first responders to be able to analyse and visualize the complex data used in infectious outbreak control. Users’ information needs and workflow between all responders must be identified to ensure a collaborative work environment with common database operation is established. Geographical Information System (GIS) technology integrates common database operations, such as query and specific analysis, with the unique visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by various types of maps. These abilities distinguish GIS from other information systems and make it valuable to first responder organizations for explaining events, predicting outcomes, and planning strategies. This system provide an integrated analysis tool utilizing existing establish platform such as ARCGIS ONLINE to enable first responders to work in a collaborative team using current infrastructure. By using existing infrastructure capabilities, it reduces the cost of operation, tranning and maintenance while ensuring fast development for utilization.

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Associate Professor Gs Ir Dr Kapt Neza bin Ismail (Retired), Sr Gs Wan Mohamed Syafuan bin Wan Mohamed Sabri

Contact: naim@upnm.edu.my